This site presents preliminary analysis from the Constitutions of Web3 data set. If you belong to a DAO or Web3 community, drop your constitution here.

To the People of the Web:

After an unequivocal experience of the ineffectiveness of the subsisting institutions of the internet, you are called upon to create a new Constitution for a decentralized autonomous organization.

Decentralized autonomous organizations contain a particular promise: the ability to solve old coordination problems through ‘smart contracts' that encode constitutional rights. Although smart contracts are promising new tools for governance, they alone cannot govern communities; traditional constitutions and declarations of rights are still crucial for good governance.

Accordingly, we have created a number of materials to aid in your pursuit of a new Constitution. The first is an analysis of DAO constitutions. This article examines professed rights and values and places DAO constitutions in context with digital constitutions more broadly.

The second is a data set of DAO constitutions. We expect the analysis and data set to be of interest to scholars and practitioners seeking a broader perspective on DAO constitutions.

The third is a guide to creating constitutions. From our analyses of constitutions and interviews with constitution authors, we present recommendations for beginning to draft a constitution. We hope for this to be useful for organizations considering constitutions or in the early stages of drafting.

Alongside the guide is a minimal constitutional template. When combined with the guide and our data set of constitutions, we expect this template to be helpful when at the earliest stages of constitution creation.

May the lessons of the past continue to guide the growth of the future.

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